Omme Lightweight Trailer Lifts

Omme Trailer Mounted Telescopic Aerial Lifts share boom components with the crawler range and offer same unmatched reliability and reach envelopes of their tracked counterparts but at a signifi cantly lower cost. When severe cross-country and extremely narrow crossing capability is not critical, this type of lift is a preferred option for rental, construction, maintenance, sign and municipal outfits.

The trailer mounted lifts are towable behind standard pick-up trucks or large SUV's and deploy in seconds. All models are nearly identical, except for boom dimensions, length and weight. The standard EB model is powered by a heavy-duty battery pack (4x6V) that can be recharged from a 110V source while in use. EBD and EBP are "hybrid" battery and diesel, or battery and gasoline power sources for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.